ISO 22000

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G.E. Surgelati

G.E like Genuineness and Experience

G.E. means high specialization in frozen food production, since 1982.

G.E. offers a large range of goods: from hamburgers to breaded meat, from frozen beef meat to frozen chicken meat, from cheese to frozen vegetables. The products are prepared, cooked and frozen in the modern factory of Castenaso (Bologna). The factory is equipped with the best modern technologies, but at the same time we operate in the respect of italian kitchen’s traditions. The products and curated and verified in the full respect of CEE sanitary regulations and guaranteeded for modern gastronomy: quick to cook, always appetizing and, above all, genuine.

G.E. like Guartanee and Efficency

G.E pays a lot of attention to the selection of products, in fact we only use raw material with certified origin. Cooked in pan or in oven the frozen meat and the other dishes will instantly show their fragrant genuineness. Excellent second dishes, or ideal snacks to complete an aperitif or a starter, G.E. products are perfect to drool the consumers.

Quality is guaranteed not only in the choice of materials and in the frozen food production but also in the service: G.E. ensure an efficent, quick and personilized service for every demand, covering the whole national territory and the major european markets.

G.E. like Gusto and Excellence

In a rapid-growth niche like the one of frozen food manufacturers, G.E. is a reliable partner: the frozen food distributors you can count on. Experience, technology, care of the product, a large selection of proposals, attention to the right price/quality ratio and helpfulness.

This is G.E. that offers its products in practical packages especially designed for its custom. G.E. like the gusto of its products, and the excellence of the business.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000