ISO 22000

Frozen restaurant food

G.E. Surgelati is an italian company specialized in frozen restaurant food production and national distribution since 35 years.

Since many years G.E. uses best technologies of the market and succeeded in realizing a huge range of his frozen products for restaurants, food catering and all the activities with professional kitchen at their disposal.

G.E.’s range of frozen restaurant food is addressed to all the people that want to cook the frozen product in their own way.

G.E. uses only high quality and origin-certified raw material, selected from the best suppliers in the sector, preserving genuineness and freshness once the product has been frozen.

G.E. produces frozen restaurant food , ideal for every commercial activity in Ho.Re.Ca sector like hotels, restaurants, bar, seasonal activities and everyone who works in professionals kitchens.

G.E’s frozen bar food are divided in different categories like meat, hamburger, sausages, breaded cutlet and much more products like vegetables and cheese. This huge range of frozen restaurant food gives to the chefs a big choice of products able to make the preparation of original and tasty menus easier. The chefs will deal with any situation without problems thanks to the short defrost and cooking times of this frozen products.

G.E. Surgelati is an IQF (Individual-Quick-Freezing) frozen restaurant food producer: the food is quickly and individually frozen. In this way the product will not agglomerate once packed, making easier to pull it out from the package quickly and practically, preserving the flavour of the product.

The continuous innovation of G.E Surgelati in the development of the products and in the improvement of the phases of production for frozen restaurant food make it a great company. In all this years of activity G.E. succeed in creating a solid national food network able to offer the best products actually available on the market for every activity that needs frozen restaurant food.

For G.E. Surgelati every costumer’s request is important, for this reason every phase of production and distribution is carefully planned on costumer’s needs. This modus operandi is the key for an high quality product and the whole satisfaction of the client.

ISO 22000