ISO 22000

Frozen food products

G.E. produces high quality frozen products, very different from typical frozen foods. The difference is the preparation phase when the products receives an industrial treatment where they pass through a special freezing tunnel with a temperature less that -30^ that permits to freeze the food correctly in a very little time.

G.E.’s freezing process of the food guarantee the ice crystals inside the product to be small and to not modify the cellular structure of the product, preserving the nourishing properties and the taste of the raw materials once the food has been freezed.

The products are freezed through a domestic process: the products normally freeze in longer times and highest temperatures (like the home freezer’s one). This process forms inside the product some ice crystals much bigger than the frozen food product, modifying his cellular structure and transforming its shape and taste.

When G.E.’s frozen food are brought again to ambient temperature they don’t present any structural difference, differently from other frozen products that could result compact due to the loss of water.

G.E. Surgelati is an IQF (Individual-Quick-Freezing) frozen restaurant food producer: the food is quickly and individually frozen. In this way the product will not agglomerate once packed, making easier to pull it out from the package quickly and practically, preserving the flavour of the product.

G.E. Surgelati operates in the frozen food production since years, offering a huge selection of frozen products like vegetables, cheeses and meat. This products can face any situation without problems thanks to the short defrost and cooking times and be quickly served offering original and unique tastes.

G.E. frozen food are suitable for every activity in the food service sector, produced using only the best meat, the best and most fresh vegetable and tasty cheese to achieve tasty frozen foods able to satisfy even the finest palates.

G.E. Surgelati are italian frozen goods manufacturers and distributors with a food network able to satisfy every production request, distributing and producing the best frozen products actually available on the market, able to achieve and the whole satisfaction of the client.

ISO 22000