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Frozen food production

G.E. Surgelati is an Italian company, headquartered in Bologna since 1982. The company is specialized in production and distribution of frozen food on the national territory.

Frozen food’s production is divided in different types of products, like frozen meat, frozen vegetables and frozen cheese.

G.E. pays a lot of attention in the selections of the raw materials, using only certified, genuine and high-quality ingredients. In this way the frozen products are tasty like in origin and able to draw the attention of every kind of client.

In this 35 years of experience G.E. succeed in realizing a huge range of frozen products able to satisfy every kind of needs of the food distribution, especially for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, where frozen food is distributed in hotels, restaurants, bar, café and catering.

G.E. Surgelati is an IQF frozen bar food producer: the food is quickly and individually frozen. In this way the product will not agglomerate once packed, making easier to pull it out from the package quickly and practically, preserving the flavour of the product.

G.E. Surgelati always keeps and eye on innovation for developing and improving the production methods. G.E. Surgelati understands the needs of the market and uses the latest equipment for frozen food production, for this reason is able to guarantee a complete supply of foods. These simple but fundamental factors make G.E. an excellent frozen food production company.

Since 35 years G.E. produces and distributes frozen food on the national territory to bars, hotels and restaurants. For this reason G.E.’s food network is able to offer the best frozen food in the market for every kind of commercial activity, in the whole national territory, major island included.

G.E. Surgelati are Italian frozen goods manufacturers and distributors with a food network able to satisfy every production request, distributing and producing the best frozen products actually available on the market, able to achieve and the whole satisfaction of the client.

ISO 22000