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Frozen food distribution

G.E. Surgelati are italian frozen goods manufacturers and distributors that succeeded in selecting the best frozen food carriers and guarantee a delivering coverage on the national territory, major island included with quick delivery times and a safe transportation of the frozen foods.

Frozen food’s transportation and distribution of the G.E. food network takes place both with owned transportation and third party transportation, authorized and regulated with the active national rules for transportation of perishable and frozen food.

Each transport used to distribute frozen food is completely cleaned and disinfected before the loading of frozen goods. The transportations used to this kind of distribution can preserve the frozen foods to a controlled and constant temperature between -18°C and -20°C, transporting the frozen products at this temperatures is impossible for them to defrost, because there are not thermal leaps. We guarantee a safe and ideal transportation of the frozen products from the departure until the destination at the frozen food distributors’ place.

The numerous fleet of transports of G.E’s organised distribution of frozen goods can guarantee delivery in perfect time on the whole national territory, in the full respect of dietary rules.

G.E. distributes frozen food supplies for every activity in the food service sector: hotels, restaurant, catering, bar, café. G.E. distribution can guarantee to Ho.Re.Cas activities a huge selection and supply of frozen products.

G.E. Surgelati with its national organised supply, distribute high quality frozen products and it’s constantly updating to the latest innovations and needs of the market. National distribution takes place for every kind of frozen product: from meat to vegetables and cheeses.

G.E. frozen food distribution always check the storage of the products to guarantee it’s done in a constant temperature to distribute them without interrupt the cold chain. In this way the products will not suffer alteration of their nourishing and organoleptic properties, preserving the taste of the raw materials.

G.E. follow its costumers in each phase of the frozen goods transportation, the logistic professional service guarantee the frozen food distribution in every shop and food service activity: the ideal solution for frozen food distribution!

ISO 22000